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Episode 47 : Tackling   Sleep disorders  with Dr Mobi of Lifestyle TV USA

Episode 47 : Tackling Sleep disorders with Dr Mobi of Lifestyle TV USA

May 9, 2022

As at 2020 approximately one billion people in the world were estimated to have obstructive sleep apnoea - the most common type of sleep disordered breathing, with up to seventy five percent of adults suffering from Insomnia and roughly thirty five percent of adults having less than seven hours of sleep daily .

Since the Covid 19 pandemic that number has almost doubled , so we now have a constantly growing population of people who are suffering from sleep deprivation, Sleep Apnoea , Insomnia and other sleep related disorders .

On this episode I speak with Dr Mobi a sleep Doctor based in Washington DC area in the United States of America .He is also the CEO of Lifestyle TV in the USA

We discussed the ever growing burden of sleep disorders on a global scale .

We also talked about :

How important sleep is for the body to rejuvenate .

The role of technology in sleep deprivation

We also talked about Sleep Apnoea

The significant effects of Sleep apnoea on day to day life .

How to improve and maintain a good sleep hygiene.

How to understand irregular sleep patterns .

How to use technology to introduce innovations in sleep




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Dr Mobi is available on :

Instagram : lifestyletvusa

Facebook : Mubasher Fazal (Dr Mobi)



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Episode 46 : Eric Herrera Life on Warfront & Post Military experience impact on Mental & Physical Health

Episode 46 : Eric Herrera Life on Warfront & Post Military experience impact on Mental & Physical Health

April 18, 2022

As part of the awareness of how life as a military Veteran impacts on mental and physical health, and to coincide with the 2022 Invictus games we host Eric Herrera a Military Veteran , Eric talks about his experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ,mental health breakdown and suffering from Hearing loss working as a front-line Combat Engineer

Eric is one of many front-line military veterans who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and Mental health breakdown after devoting their time and energy to serve in the military to save others. 

Eric started his military career as a young 19 year old .

.As a college student he didn't fit in and he was really confused at the point of making decisions on what to do with his life when he was kicked out of college, he decided to join the military as a combat engineer !

Little did he know he would be clearing mine fields and searching for roadside bombs on a daily basis .

Initially deployed to Germany as that was one of his choice locations because of his German heritage , however he was later deployed to Baghdad in Iraq where he knew no one as part of the US military troupe sent to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and end the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein .

He had to adjust and adapt fast to the environment going out sometimes riding on special army vehicles called Buffalo army Trucks going to landfills , on his first job his team discovered one hundred and twenty six roadside bombs ,they regularly found Improvised explosive devices (IED) also witnessed his colleagues having bombs detonated in their faces, even losing his military colleagues who he refereed to as brothers on Christmas day of 2006 when everyone else was celebrating.

They died on duty when giant cylinder bullet IED's , detonated on them ,no one was out to help them , even when they got back still processing the incident mentally they were asked to go back out again the next morning , he eventually left the military but had recurrent  nightmares about these incidents until he wrote his book which he titled A Bomb Hunter's story -My life clearing the Roads of Iraq .

Eric's experience as a Combat engineer also left him with hearing loss , Post traumatic Stress disorder PTSD- He then had a mental breakdown !

He offers useful advice to other military veterans based on his learning curve and having to tow a long path rehabilitate  into his community post military service.

With President Putins war ongoing in Ukraine I know there are thousands of Military and non -military volunteers at the war fronts daily ,and most will likely end up experiencing similar issues as Eric whilst going through post war rehabilitation into their communities , however I hope the advice given by Eric helps them through the difficult times ahead of them , I hope Eric's story inspires other military veterans to continue living a fulfilled life even after they leave the military service.

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Episode 45 : Life after  near death experience - Mark Anthony Raines

Episode 45 : Life after near death experience - Mark Anthony Raines

March 28, 2022

In continuation of our Brain illness series on this episode I reflect on the impact of covid 19 lockdown on the physical and mental health of people as so many people came face to face with life and death situations in the last three years during the outbreak of covid 19 pandemic , however there are people who have also been in near death situations long before covid 19 , one of such is Mark Anthony Raines who is my guest for this episode.

Mark Anthony Raines is a British blogger, radio presenter , cartoonist and podcaster who suffers from small vessel disease of the brain ,which affects his short term memory and also impacts his daily activities negatively ,he also had a near death experience and has been in coma

He spoke about how the pandemic lockdown affected him mentally ,his wife of 30 years is now bedridden .

Moreover Mark's chosen fields of work Mark require great communication skills but his cognitive disorder sometimes limits him , he also struggles to remember what happened when he was in coma but Mark defies all that he has going on ,by giving life his best shot , he wrote a song about his near death experience.

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Twitter -Ghostman_Radio Station @19WHAT62  -Ghostman Raines
Facebook - Ghostman Raines _Mark Antony Raines
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Episode 44 Bill Monroe :the story behind Strokecast

Episode 44 Bill Monroe :the story behind Strokecast

March 14, 2022

Do you or anyone you know suffer from High Blood Pressure , or Sleep Apnea .

Approximately 16 million people in the United Kingdom have high blood pressure 30 per cent of women and 32 per cent of men

In the United states of America more than 100 million people have high blood pressure .

The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 38,000 people  die each year from heart disease with sleep apnea as a complicating factor .

In UK an estimated 1.5 million adults are living with obstructive sleep apnoea hence we cannot overlook this illness .

Bill Monroe my guest on this episode is a big Dr Who fan ,woke up with a stroke!

His stroke was described as a wake up Stroke meaning the last time he was without any symptom was before he went to bed and this put him at a relative disadvantage as to the treatments he was offered .

He had several tests , his stroke was attributed to a combination of Sleep Apnea  and high blood pressure which he was unaware of until he started having nose bleeds ,then stroke

Stroke is quite complex , Bill lost the use of his limbs , His life was flipped upside down as a result of the stroke .

However he had great a Medical team of Doctors , Occupational therapists  and Physical therapists  to treat ,rehabilitate and  help recover overtime also helping him adapt /learn activities of daily living .

Bill is amongst the lucky few he is back to working full time as a corporate trainer with Microsoft . He has done media appearances on behalf of the American Heart Association and Swedish Medical Centre in Seattle. 

He also hosts a podcast  where he explores the frontiers of  neuroscience :  rehab, recovery  and one-handed banana peeling  as a generation x stroke survivor !






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Episode 43 Unpacking the facts : Diversity ,inclusion and equity at work -Black Lives still  Matter

Episode 43 Unpacking the facts : Diversity ,inclusion and equity at work -Black Lives still Matter

February 28, 2022

In a world where there is so much nepotism and systemic racism we celebrate America Black History month sharing the story of Dark chocolate drop in Corporate America
It is a story that suggests Black folks try so much harder to make meaningful contributions in our communities and societies, it also shows our resilience in the face of sometimes fierce oppression

It may be challenging, it may hurt but my guest Genesis Amaris-Kemp is a woman that empowers others to speak up for themselves. She is a trailblazer, multifaceted , multidimensional firecracker and mindset hacker who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions .

She described what Inclusion , Diversity and Equity means for organisations .

We discussed how organisations can actively promote diversity and inclusion.

We explored how organisations can benefit from having an inclusive and diversified workforce.

We also looked at some actions that are construed as systemic racism and discrimination in work places

Genesis also revealed some of the barriers to Inclusion Diversity and Equity at work and in our societies and Communities.

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Episode 42 : From Burnout ,Mental health struggles to Self Care ,Happiness and  Success-Courtnay Malcolm’s story

Episode 42 : From Burnout ,Mental health struggles to Self Care ,Happiness and Success-Courtnay Malcolm’s story

February 14, 2022

We all want to be successful and loved but some more than others , Courtnay Malcolm my guest on this episode is considered  successful  as a Canadian and International Rugby Women sports champion , she was surrounded by loving friends and family but she experienced Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder , Stress Burnout and Mental health issues.

In order to highlight the importance of self care in achieving all round success and happiness ., Courtnay opened up about her emotional  journey from constant anxiety and stress about everything  experiencing  other Mental Health struggles then Burnout before she chose Self care which led her to  finding happiness and Success.

We spoke about :

Her identifying as a Type A, Overachieving, Empathetic Perfectionist.

Developing obsessive traits, characteristics, and beliefs right from from grade school, through her Rugby career

Having all the things she thought she wanted, but not feeling contented or happy with those things

How she snuggled with mental stress daily even though she appeared to have it all

Becoming stressed ,overwhelmed, sometimes spiralling into a panic attacks.

Going into survival mode and always feeling like an essential part of her life was missing

How the avoidance of her unattended chronic stress and anxiety pushed her further into depression and burnout.

When she decided to take time off work to get her physical and mental health back on track : the hardest and most important decision she ever made.

Getting the supports that were timely, affordable, beneficial and the he right fit for her .

How her support, not only helped her to recover, but also aided her to rediscover peace, joy, and purpose to create a life that was designed for her , instead of trying to force herself into the 9-5 grind that had been killing her spirit slowly .

Rediscovering her love for teaching, coaching rugby, and supporting adults with disabilities and mental illness.

Courtnay became a Certified Life Coach from the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Toronto, Canada in 2020

She has created a new service that fills the gaps in preventative and proactive mental health management.

She uses a unique combination of methods in Applied Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to guide through and create personal mindset roadmaps, build resilience and confidence.

She helps her clients to cultivate self-awareness, overcome their long-held barriers, and curate their mindset to achieve their goals faster.

Courtnay can be contacted via :

Episode 41:Speech impairment-  Callum Schofield story

Episode 41:Speech impairment- Callum Schofield story

December 13, 2021

On this episode we hosted Callum Schofield , a young man who has a speech impediment (Stutter /stammer) which started when he was about five years old .

Stuttering and or stammering occurs in 1% of the world population ,

It is a genetic /neurophysiological condition where the flow of speech is distorted .

Sadly people have committed suicide due to this impairment.

Callum spoke about :

👉 His speech impairment attracting attention to him in school .

👉 How these impacted on him and his academic performance .

👉Feeling fearful and anxious about talking to people and having conversations .

👉Circumstances that made his stutter worse .

👉Some circumstances that made his speech better .

👉 Simple techniques he learnt later in life that improved his speech .

👉Having to embrace and control his speech impairment and doing stand up comedy and hosting a podcast .

👉 Callum's podcast is available on Instagram page : the_schofield _stories


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episode 40 :Cross Palalas - A Sucess story inspite of ADHD ADD and OCD

episode 40 :Cross Palalas - A Sucess story inspite of ADHD ADD and OCD

November 22, 2021

On this episode we hosted Cross Palalas , he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ,Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as a kid , his teachers and parents thought this would hold him back but he used his disabilities to his advantage becoming a Vice President at a Media agency based in Niagra Canada at the age of twenty two, Cross oversees the Marketing team in the company .


Cross talked about :


👉 His diagnose with all three whilst in high school .

👉How he had managed to get through elementary school with all three .

👉His parent's reaction when he was diagnosed .

👉 How these impacted on him and his academic performance .

👉His struggles when he was placed on medication to treat his ADHD.

👉How he had to embrace and control his disabilities without medication .

👉Different strategies he used to control his ADHD and OCD to his advantage .

👉Noticeable traits he had that set him apart from other children - now classed as typical ADHD symptoms.

👉Triggers for his Hyperactivity and OCD

👉How his ADHD impacts on his relationships.

👉 Impacts of the Covid19 pandemic and lock-down on his mental health and that of other people living with ADHD /OCD/ADD

👉Advice to people living with ADHD and their parents //relatives .


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Episode 39 Chris Parker  Surviving  dyslexia, becoming a successful university Programme Leader

Episode 39 Chris Parker Surviving dyslexia, becoming a successful university Programme Leader

October 25, 2021

Chris is a Chartered Ergonomics and Human Factors specialist (think Chartered Accountant, but for understanding design and the human body/ mind)

He is also Programme Leader for Loughborough University’s MSc in UX Design

He shares his experience with dyslexia and how he overcame that to become a Chartered Ergonomics and Human Factors specialist


website : The UX Usability Podcast (

Google Scholar :@‪Christopher J. Parker‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Linked in @Christopher J. Parker | LinkedIn

You Tube @:Design eLearning Tutorials - YouTube

Twitter @: Dr Chris Parker (@ChrisUXD) / Twitter


Episode 38 : Black History Month Andrea Jim talks about Racial Discrimination in work place

Episode 38 : Black History Month Andrea Jim talks about Racial Discrimination in work place

October 11, 2021

Black History Month Andrea Jims


For our Black history month I Interviewed Andrea Jims an amazing single mother ,born in Hong Kong to parents of Nigerian descent she has grown up and been raised in Britain so she is what I call a true global citizen , Andrea shares her story, beliefs ,pains , gains and battles to have a sence of belonging in life , from meeting her dad for the first time after a long time of being separated from him and losing him shortly afterwards .

She shared her experience of working as a person of colour , in a demanding environment she has been spat at ,had food thrown at her ,assaulted felt humiliated , hurt and felt she was not listened to nor she was not heard and also shared her experiences of unconscious bias and institutional racism .

She talks of her fears raising her child and also her hopes for his future .

She also talked about her business selling afro wigs , and the reasons for going into this field of business inspired by her mother's experience with cancer.


Note from Andrea :

Thank you so much once again for this wonderful opportunity to tell my story.

Andrea Jim's website:





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